DV Boer Farm Paiwi System

DV Boer and all of its sub-farms follow the proven, sustainable, and profitable Modern Paiwi System created by the latter. Our Paiwi System eliminates many of the risks mentioned above and it outlines the clear benefits for both Rula and the Paiwi Partner.

Availing of our Paiwi System, in essence, means a Partner agrees to purchase a certain number of livestocks animals from our farm. the partner is then guaranteed a payment schedule that is equivalent to their share of profit from their paiwi. On the other hand it is the role of Rula to nurture and grow the animals for whatever purpose it wishes - for dairy production or for meat - with the purpose of creating profit.

What is Traditional Paiwi System?

The ‘Paiwi’ System is a Traditional ‘Paalaga’ System done in the provinces. A person with a livestock animal (Owner) will entrust another person, usually his neighbour (Caretaker) to take care of his livestock. After maturity and reaching slaughter weight, or giving birth (if female), they will split in half the gross amount of the price the animal was sold. Or if the animal is female, the offspring will be divided 50-50.

There are many risks to the Traditional Paiwi System: there is no insurance or guarantee; there is no set duration for the paiwi agreement; and if the animal is stolen or dies, the owner will shoulder the loss. Furthermore, the Caretaker receives nothing for the Owner for his personal needs and the needs of the animal he is taking care of. It is obvious that there are too many risks and little motivation for this system to work.

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